Live cell instrument provides “Custom Service” (CS) of instrument for research challenge. We provide unlisted product/instrument by manufacturing customized product through our services.
Live cell instrument designs and manufacture instruments. Not only we manufacture equipment by our customization services, but also we develop software for customized equipment.
After providing product/instrument, LCI guarantee provided products for 5 years including customer service.
Consultation includes price and intellectual property (IP) and all information will be protected by information protection law.
  • Our software engineer team develop and
    provides software of customized instruments
    for customers.

  • Factory trained engineers who have worked for
    10 years manufacture and design customized
    instrument and software.

  • Our technical support team will support CS from
    designing to manufacturing between engineers
    and customers.

  • C&M team will guide and support customer from
    design to Customer service.

Our customization services follow below protocols,

  • We are ready to provide
    perfect solution for research
    challenge and development.

  • Consult

  • Design

  • Manufacture

  • Demonstrate

  • Modify

  • Provide

  • Customer service

Check our previous customization services, here
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