Ultimate Incubator System T
Ultimate Incubator System T is perfect microscope stage-top incubator
for control of biological conditions by maintaining temperature, humidity,
osmolality and pH for long-term live cell imaging.

Product list

  • TU-O-10
    Incubator T A-type. CO2/N2/O2 standard Gas Mixer
  • TU-C-10
    Incubator T A-type. CO2/Air Gas Mixer
  • TU-H-10
    Incubator T A-type. CO2/N2/O2 hypoxic Gas Mixer
  • TU-C-20
    Incubator T B-type. CO2/Air Gas Mixer
  • TU-O-20
    Incubator T B-type. CO2/N2/O2 standard Gas Mixer
  • TU-H-20
    Incubator T B-type. CO2/N2/O2 hypoxic Gas Mixer