Ultimate Incubator System T
Ultimate Incubator System T is perfect microscope stage-top incubator
for control of biological conditions by maintaining temperature, humidity,
osmolality and pH for long-term live cell imaging.


  • Simple and Compact Design
  • Compatible with all types of microscope
  • Thermo-camera
  • Magnet attachment technique
  • Sliding & Open cover technique
  • Convenient adapter & Incubator
  • Precise control
  • Remote control pad
Optimal cell growth conditions by controlling the temperature, humidity andpH.
Main body is the heating plate to maintain the temperature of cells.
Incubator cover contains a built-in reflecting glass heater to achieve perfect transmission for imaging and to control the temperature inside, preventing the formation of condensation.

PID for the precise temperature control of all electrical parts (incubator cover, incubator main body, humidifier, and lens warmer).
Adjusting the flow rate of CO2 gas.
User-friendly to operate.
Maintains humidity of the incubator inside to prevent evaporation, which can cause cell damage. Generate warm moisture which does not affect temperature within the incubator. CO2 gas passes through the humidifier and enters the incubator mixed with warm vapor. The rate of air-bubbling in the humidifier can be used to check the flow of CO2 gas.
Lens warmer
For high-resolution imaging is important to control the temperature of the objectives. Optical coupling medium (oil, glycerin / water) acts as a thermal coupling medium to draw heat away from the specimen. Lens warmer maintains proper temperature of the lens. Heating band fits all types of objectives.
Remote Touch pad
The Incubator system T can be remote-controlled by smart phones and other mobile devices. The operator can check and control all parameters for the system anytime & anywhere in real time.